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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yep look I am still here., wow it looks like everything is working,.
What a day I went off to Tamworth as planned, it was a lovely sunny day and all was going well so off I go into KMart to buy my shoes and my Top Box for my telly and I was humming around the shop and heard this strange sound,so I keep walking down the back to the gardening centre and this voice came over the intercom please envacuate the store and it was said over and over,. Everyone was heading for the front door and leaving there trollies behind but I had already payed for my top box so I wasn;t leaving and the lady keep saying just leave it and come back later to get it, No way you are talking to me one of the most unliucky persons I know and there was no way I was leaving it behind,.So I carried my top box out the shop just as the doors came crushing down,. phew made it.,We all headed upstairs to the roof top carpark and waited to see what had happen,. I took off and went to the op shop and came back 30 mins later and everything was fine.,I found out that there was a fire and outside were fire trucks, ambos, and recure trucks so I am not sure what was burning,.
What a day, it could only happen to me,.Plugged in the box and all works fine,.I didn't get many bargins but had fun and it was a day to remember,hope you enjoy reading and dont let the bedbugs bite,. love ya all goodnight love Glenda,. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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