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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breast Cancer;
Its such an awful yukky sickness and it can attack anyone at anytime at any age.I am trying to do my part so I have made these lovely bags from bras, the bras are seconds and this is why they are a bit cheaper. I will give a donation to Breast Cancer with every sale,.
These are just 2 of them that I am showing you.
 I am selling them for only $20.00 each.plus postage.
This one is a beautiful deep pink and I have added some pretty black and pink beads, also I have added black lace. This little bag will carry your phone,keys and your money, not just pretty but useful too and helping out a great cause that maybe one day you will know someone that will need the donation that I will make with everyone sold.

This one is so pretty, its a beautiful light mint green with lots of lace and I have added lots of rhinestones to add lots of bling.

This bag will also carry keys,phone and your money. They are quiet large inside being both of them quiet large bras.
Both have lovely handles for you to carry them around.I have spent a lot of time making these and I am very excited to show you all. I made these in memory of my beautiful friends who have passed. Sharon, Shirley and Dawn, I miss you all. RIP..
Remember to take a look at my Etsy for more great gift ideas. I am in the middle of making some cute little bunny stuff for Easter so please drop by.,
dont let the bed bugs bite and until next time love ya all and thanks for coming., Love Glenda  xoxoxoxoxoxo


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Nicc79 said...

Great work Glenda! :)

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

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Hearthandmade said...

Hey, its so crap that those anonymous comments are there on such an important post! Im sorry for that. I love what youve done!
CDonovan - Swapbot

Grooveycrafts said...


What a fantastic idea and if you hadn't told me they were bra's I'd never have guessed :)

The Creative Place said...

These are fabulous! Thank you for what you are doing with them. My grandmother died a year ago of breast cancer - it's always so great to see people passionate about helping so hopefully a cure can be found soon. Thank you!

TheCreativePlace from swapbot

Rebecca Ednie said...

OMW, what a clever idea to make these bra bags! what cup size are you using? hee hee They are beautiful! and a great idea to give some of hte proceeds to Breast cancer research, I've hd several friends with breast cancer and I'm only 36! I used to sew custom bras and I still teach bra making. Thus the Swap-bot user name of thebragal!

Jennifer McLean said...

good idea for a breast cancer themed gift. I hope they sold well. Nice of you to donate.
~Jaemac from swap-bot

Maria Isabel said...

Its so wonderful that you are working for such a great cause!
-mariaisabel from swap-bot

GypsyPunk said...

i like this bra bags! very patient of you, altho' I am sorry to hear you lost some friends on breast cancer...

GP from swapbot

Coleen Franks said...

Hi Glenda, I'm from Swap-bot, Comments on Craft/Design Blogs. I'm following you and now commenting as well. You have a lovely blog and I see you've spent a lot of time making it beautiful.. I also love the purses made from bras. What a clever idea.
Would you also follow on my blog? The location is http://vintageterrace2.blogspot.com/
Thanks, Coleen Franks

Fabi said...

Wow, I love your stuff. This looks so amazing. =) I guess I will think about buying one :)!

Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

lucy said...

Love your crafty works.

Agnetha said...

What a great idea!!

Agnetha (swapbot)

Nohealani said...

What an awesome idea! Are you still selling these? I think you have some awesome stuff and would love linking you to my wordpress blog! My site is new, but I am a firm believer in networking. I would love to take a look around your etsy store later and see if there could be something I could purchase and use it as a future contest gift on my blog. I love this idea though!!!!! Awesome awesome!



shafarina said...

You have a spammer :)

BTW, great work for charity. I love that pink and black bag. Cute!

apple skin said...

I love what you did with the bras! What an original idea! I have featured you on my blog and hope to see more wonderful works from you (:

blog me, baby