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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Autumn everyone,.       
Wow its been so long since I have been here that its Autumn and summer is over, yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hate summer                  

Went over the creek to the next farm
to watch the calves being born it was so amazing, we also watched the little ducklings hatching out of their eggs.I love little baby animals their are so cute,.This is one of the little fellow that was just born.

here is Mamma and her babies, she had twins and so did the other cows but 2 of them died at birth.
here are the little ducklings some were hatching out of their eggs while being put into the box.They are so cute and so yellow.The farm has many animals and we often go there for a chat or to learn something. The people who own it are so lovely and have lived and been farmers forever, their have heaps of kids and grand kids.
I always find something new out and how to do so much stuff for my farm.
Love Autumn,love all the colours and the trees the way their lose their leaves and the best part is the sun isn't so hot.
Then comes winter yahhhhhhh.
please enjoy and dont let the bed bugs bite,. love yah Glenda,..  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Crafty Creations By Trish said...

Hello Glenda WOW we are just ending winter here in the U.S. and spring is just around the corner.... I love the farm life I was raised on one and seeing all the wonderful new babies and scenery is the best part of all. Happy Autumn to you and I am glad I stopped by to visit :o)


Grooveycrafts said...

They are simple so cute, its a great post to read at Easter time :) even though we have snow so not very spring like here

Emma! said...

Oh my goodness those chics are adorable! Wow!

--emmanemhandmade from swapbot

Hearthandmade said...

Those ducklings are the cutest things!
What a great easter post :)

Jennifer McLean said...

Now I want a baby chick! and it's all your fault. hehehe. I love your mosaic of autumnal things. You should join Artmind on Tuesdays. She (Mitsy at Artmind) hosts a weekly mosaic and many people add their links to their mosaic post. There's a badge on the bottom of my blog sidebar if you want to join. I'd love to see you there!
~Jaemac from swap-bot

Maria Isabel said...

Those cute baby cows! They are lovely!
-mariaisabel from swap-bot

jozen said...

i love autumn too. all the colours are so pretty!

GypsyPunk said...

many of today's city-folks only know of one farm - farmville, lol! I am lucky as you know true farms, am excited going back to mine in a few days! will also be posting in my blog!

GP of swapbot

Fabi said...

Here we have spring now :)! Finally. I am happy that we have winter behind us now :)!

Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

lucy said...

Fantastic autumn colours.
lucyco (swapbot)

Agnetha said...

Those are just so cute!!!

Agnetha (swapbot)

The Creative Place said...

Yay for autumn! I love autumn and spring-- we have just entered spring time here (US) -- both seasons are the perfect temperatures! Yay! Enjoy autumn!! :)

TheCreativePlace from swapbot

Fi said...

Hi this is fii from swapbot (comment on craft blog).
I was totally confused with your womment about autumn and was thinking huh isnt it spring thats comming? Silly me we just live on the other side of the earth:)