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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

             New swap over at Jenny Holiday where everyday is a holiday,. Go and have a look, while you are there take a look at her beautiful artwork and great blog,.
Go to Jenny
Heres what you'll be swapping:

-at least 2 Vintage or "thrifted" items

-at least 1 handmade item...feel free to craft as much as you like.

-something edible...get creative!

-optional: some crafty goodies/supplies for your partner to use in their own summer/vacation
Ok, some ideas to get the ball rolling:

souvenirs: plates, snow globes, keychains, t-shirts, pillows, hankies, table cloths, etc...

vintage sunglasses, seashells, postcards etc...I'm sure you guys will dazzle!!

Swap sign ups are open til midnight on Sunday, May 23rd, New Jersey time.

Lets have lots and lots of fun with this...lets get super creative...and hopefully this will feel like a little vacation in itself!!

I am beyond excited for this...it's been so long and I just love love love how a swap brings people together!!! You have no idea!

hope you all join,. love yah Glenda xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Rebecca said...

Hi Glenda! I'm your Vintage Vacation partner and I'm so excited to get to know you! I sent you a few emails but my email is known to be wonky so I hope you got them, lol.

I am already gathering things for our swap. Can't wait!!