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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper Dolls,.., remember these I always had them when I will little and now I am grown have started playing with them again but this time I am dressing them my way with fabric and lace,ribbons,feathers etc..
This is a Maree doll that I made for the Paper Doll group I am in,it was my 2ND doll and I think it turned out pretty good, don't you,.
I am really enjoying Marie Antoinette and all the beautiful things that go with her and her life;;;

Do you remember some of these pretty dolls that we use to play with. I remember when my mum bought these paper dolls for me and my sister and to this day when I see them in the shop I get this warm funny feeling that comes over me,.


They have come so far since I was little, now the colours and quality that they are made off is so beautiful and so grown up;;

With so many different dolls to pick from like movie stars, kings,queens,common ladies you can have a ball with them;
Little girls,babies,boys and all there bits and pieces that are so much fun.

Maree in all her glory.,.,
Hope you like looking at these pretty paper dolls and I cant wait to go play with them.
good night and thanks for coming.. dont let the bedbugs bite and talk to you soon luv yah Glenda  xoxoxoxo


Dolly said...

Oh Glenda I do remember playing with paper dolls!
Such fun!
You have a great collection!

Hugz to Miss Dolly {how is she}

Blessings, Dolly

Kimberly said...

Hi Glenda,
What a wonderful paper doll collection, my favorite, by far, are the beautiful ones that you dressed and embellished-such lovely work. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway, good luck!