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Friday, December 16, 2011

Loving everything Christmas..
here is my new tree we have always had a green tree but seen this and fell in love with it.'
My old tree had all my beautiful old decoration  on it. Some were from my Nana and some from Mum and others that I had bought and added to my collection.,
The Angel on the top has been at the top of my tree for about 20 years, I love her dearly, she is always first one to come off the tree and the last one to go on the tree.,

 Some of the decoration's from up the main street.

 This Santa has always been around, don't know where he came from but love him too.,

 This is an egg that I created from a Goose egg, it has tiny little white doves sitting on a snow covered tree branch.

 These 2 little chaps were 2 balls that would of hung on a tree.but I painted them and gave them a face, then I added pipe cleaners for arms and legs and stuck them in a garden, sooooooo cute hay.

 My trees for sale with sweet little snow people and even snowballs. I had fun making and painting this.

 My new tree of lights,

 Out the front of my house, not the best photo but still looks good.,

 I have just started growing and painting gourds, These 3 are the first of many. My snow family.

 My old Santa cup. I have filled it with tea at Christmas time but this year I put some plants in it and I love it.

 My little Miss Reindeer's all dressed in their pretty Christmas dresses.

 Santa stocking holder I painted a few years ago.

 My Christmas dolly peg Doll, her name is Christy lol.She has tiny light bulbs and pearly white snowflakes

 Pretty new decorations on my new tree, All colours and nice and bright, I love my new tree with all the pretty bright colours.,

Hope you had fun looking at my Christmas stuff, don't forget to come back later for some more.,
Sweet dreams and thanks for coming, luv ya Glenda   xxoxoxoxoxo


evey said...

thank you for sharing all of that christmas cheer. I love your white tree. tradition has its plac,e but changing it up every now and again is great fun.

eveyinorbit via gain blog readers swap

Terri said...

Hello Glenda,
Your home is totally festive with all your lovely crafts! Your tree is beautiful and the Egg is amazing. Thank you for joining in Deck The Halls Sunday. I fixed the link so it is working now.

Amber Renee said...

Hello! I'm your partner for Gain Blog Readers and Comments. WOW. Your tree is gorgeous! Thank you for letting us peek into your lovely world!

bluecrayons said...

thanks for the look at all your beautiful decorations.

Gain Blog Readers and Comments - bluecrayons

KnC Lodge said...

Love the Gourds!! You are a talented painter. I wish I could do that.
But alas, I am stuck in the paper crafting world, as I cannot draw. Keep up the good work...

pocci said...

How beautiful this goose egg is! Isn't it very complicated to craft something like this? I would be afraid of breaking it all the time. pocci from swap-bot (love comment blog (6) 2/3)