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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hi everyone,I just got a new camera so I thought I would start adding photos again.Here is my old style of my kitchen,Its all clean waiting on builders to come and fix it.My table use to fit here. This is the bench that I want to get rid off,I think it belongs over against the window.
Now it is starting to look like I want,I could never understand why someone would stick a bench im the middle of a big kitchen.
Now its looking better you can see the extra room all ready
WOW look at it now all most all finished and how much room is there like HEAPS.It needs a good paint now and I was thinking a cool country blue to go with the wood grain cupboards,,mind you if I had my way I would kill the terracotta tiles for blue tiles..I have heaps of room and now we can sit at our table which is on the opposite side to the cupboards.
This is my once beautiful stove but it cant on fire and burnt and wooden stop,it melted all the knobs and being computerized it couldn't be fixed

Here is my new stove not as fancy as my old one but it is old fashion and has know not computer buttons,,,just turn it on and away we go.
Same kind of top but not as special as the last one.One most important thing the fire started and stopped at the stove and didn't burn any of my kitchen..Someone was watching over us that night.If it wasn't for my 2 little dogs waking us up when they smelt smoke who knows what would of happened.

I'm hoping that my computer will be all right now,I had a bug in it and it cost me $160 to get it fixed thats where I couldn't post or email and at one stage I couldn't get the internet so for 5 days I had no pc to play on.In a way it was good cause I got to do some swaps and some crafts.
good night love yas Glenda

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Shelbez said...

hey its me again shelby,

thanx for the comment on my blog i love treasure hunts we go every year. Im 10 years old and i live in penrith it will probly say on the one about me it has lots of things about me well see ya.

ooxoo shelby (: