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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hi everyone, boy what a day I was going to tell you a lovely poem of a teapot but than I had trouble with my computer and I had to shut it down and start again and when this happened I lost my emails and lots of other stuff on it,. I am so angry with my computer I would of thrown it out the window but its to heavy and my back is sore enough without adding more pain to it,.I cant find any of my pretty pictures of my images that I have collected and even my games and yet my computer says its almost full and yet there is nothing on it not even a wallpaper.,Then I got my mobile phone bill and when I signed up the guy said I could have $20 worth of free calls and 55 text messages for @6 a month so I jumped at it,.I then had to but a new phone so I could keep my phone number and had to drive to Tamworth to get all of this,. Then today I get my first phone bill and it was $50.60 so I rang up and they told me that there was no deal for
$6 and the cheapest was $15 and take I had been told all the wrong info and there was nothing they could do,.I know $15 isn't much but I never spent that much before and only got this cause it was so cheap, I'm to scared to use it now in case I go over the $20 and have to pay 78 cents a min,.Wow what a day,.I am going to bed before anything else happens so don't let the bedbugs bite and see ya tomorrow,. love ya from Glenda xxxxoooooooooxoxoxoxoo

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