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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jingle Bells, Aussie style.
Dashing through the bush
in a rusty Holden Ute
kicking up the dust
esky in the boot
kelpie by my side
singing Christmas songs
its summer time and I am in
my singlet,shorts and throngs.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
Christmas in Australia on a
scorching summer's day.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
j\Christmas time is beaut
oh what fun it is to ride
in a rusty Holden Ute..
Engine's getting hot
dodge the kangaroos
swaggy climbs aboard
he is welcome too.
All the family is there
sitting by the pool
Christmas Day the Aussie way
by the barbecue !!!!!
Come the afternoon
Grandpa has a doze
the kids & Uncle Bruce
are swimming in their clothes
the time comes round to go
we take a family snap
then pack the car and all
shoot through,,
before the washing up.!!!!!!
hope you enjoy singing our Jingle Bells,
sleep well, luv ya and thanks for coming. love Glenda


Cat Lover said...

I have NO clue what a Holden Ute is, but what a great take-off on Jingle Bells! I truly love how many of the Aussies I have come in contact with are comfortable making fun of their country (unlike us Americans, and especially New Jerseyians who are way too defensive).

I had a bit of trouble reading your blog as I have a bit of a visual/perceptual disability and the hearts were somewhat of a problem. Cute, though.

Adorably Dead said...

Didn't quit catch the meaning of some of the words as I'm not an Aussie, but it sure sounds jolly! lol. :p Merry Christmas.

smilernpb said...

Haha. Nice song.

Your blog is very interesting, I have had a quick snoop around. I love speaking with Australian's because my hubby sent some time there before he met me. I would LOVE to visit one day! :o)

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maggie. said...

What's a Holden Ute? I love this Aussie version of the traditional Jingle Bells songs. I do remember visiting Australia a couple of years ago, and oh boy, it certainly was scorching hot. But me thinks, Singapore is still way hotter (or more humid) during that period ):

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