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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My friend sent me this last Christmas
its pretty cool.,

A is for aspirin,cos shopping's a pain
B is for budget that's feel the strain
C is for colliding with some other dame
D is for the deli and ditherers
E is for the express lane, your trolleys too full for
F is for following aisles til you're foot sore
G is for gloating over diet delights
H is the hole you just put in your tights
I is for impatience, impoliteness and ire
J is for the joy of being a buyer
K is for the kiddies that run in and out
L is for the list you're forgotten about
M is for mothers  deaf to all  whining
N is for the nuts  who like shopping and ironing
O is for exclaiming when handed the bill
P is the prices that never stand still
Q is for the line that you always join last
R is the range of products so vast
S is for specials you don't really need
T is the trolley that's wheels are knock-kneed
U is the person who shops here each week
V is for value for which we seek
W is for wishing you'd parked under cover
X is the spot where your budget keeled over
Y is the question, Why does it get worse ?
Z is the zero that's left in your purse !!!!!
 hope you enjoy reading this and I think it applies to all of us at sometime..
luv ya Glenda xoxoxoxo


Camille said...

The holidays are nuts! Hello, I just breezed over here from Swap-bot.


Karen Grigsby said...

Love the pictures of the store. Would love to shop there!
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Lucine said...

You have nice pictures of the store. Looking at these pictures I would like to visit the store.
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